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Trendy new fridges in Mississippi.

What’s Trending for 2023 Refrigerators?

At the start of 2023, the consumer appliance industry held a tradeshow in Las Vegas to showcase modern kitchen inventions. The event, called CES, attracted a massive audience of over 100,000 industry professionals who came to observe and market products. Likewise, the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show presented recent developments in kitchen appliances during its January event. Several refrigerator models were highlighted at these shows as they had innovative features that improved their functionalities, accentuated their appearances, and extended their capabilities. Having these new fridges in Mississippi could be a total game-changer. Thanks to advancements in smart technology, refrigerators now offer various features beyond just keeping food fresh and cold. 

Introducing Modern Refrigerators 

Refrigerators have come a long way in terms of functionality and convenience. Modern models are designed to maintain food and beverages at different temperatures, ensuring you never run out of your favorite food or drink. In addition, these innovative fridges offer customization options, allowing you to personalize the front designs and other interior aspects. Please keep reading to learn more about these cutting-edge refrigerators and their unique features. 

Fridge Cam Feature 

LG has unveiled a revolutionary smart refrigerator that comes equipped with an innovative feature known as a “Fridge Cam.” This feature is essentially a cold-resistant camera that can be easily attached to the refrigerator’s inner door, allowing homeowners to capture and view the contents of their fridge. With this feature, you can effortlessly track the items you need to purchase when shopping. Moreover, you can use it to identify who is sneaking food from your fridge and end their mischief. This new smart refrigerator is more than just a typical fridge with voice activation features! Ultimately, it’s a smart appliance that makes your life easier and more convenient. 

Additionally, this device has many features that make life easier, such as a connection to Amazon Fresh, an online and in-person grocery store. This integration enables you to perform one-click checkouts of items you need to be delivered. Furthermore, the smarter app connects with Alexa and Siri, which allows you to use voice commands to ask the Fridge Cam about the contents of your fridge, what you need, and what items are near expiration. This feature helps you prevent food waste and better use the items in your fridge. Overall, Fridge Cam is an excellent tool that can help you keep your fridge organized and make your life easier. 

Temperature Controlled Drawers 

Refrigerators are a crucial part of any modern kitchen, and crisper drawers are an integral feature of these appliances. So, these new fridges in Mississippi are constantly evolving, and temperature-controlled drawers are just one of the newest features! These drawers create a controlled environment that maintains the humidity required to keep food fresh for extended periods. The drawers are typically located at the bottom of the refrigerator and can be adjusted to maintain different humidity levels per the items’ specific requirements. 

Crisper drawers are equipped with various features that help preserve the food’s quality. For example, some drawers have adjustable humidity controls depending on the type of produce stored. The high-humidity setting is ideal for leafy vegetables, which require more moisture to stay fresh, while the low-humidity setting is perfect for storing fruits, which need less moisture to stay fresh longer. 

Additionally, some crisper drawers have temperature control features that allow you to set the temperature at a specific level, ensuring the food remains fresh for longer. This feature is handy for storing meats and cheeses, which require a particular temperature range to maintain quality. 

Overall, crisper drawers are an essential component of refrigerators that help maintain freshness. The new temperature-controlled drawers are designed with various features that help preserve the quality and extend the shelf life of perishable items, making them a valuable addition to any refrigerator and your wallet as you are less likely to buy items stored in your crisper drawers as often. 

Resistance Surface for Modern Refrigerators 

Stainless steel is a timeless interior design feature that never loses its charm. Homeowners and interior designers appreciate its sleek looks and durability, which make it an ideal material for kitchen spaces. Numerous companies that manufacture high-quality stainless-steel appliances can now ensure their products’ quality by finishing them with shiny topcoats that are resistant to fingerprints. This means no more dirty handprints all over your clean kitchen! 

Door-in-Door Features 

LG has introduced a new refrigerator, the InstaView Refrigerator, which is equipped with multiple exceptional features. One feature is the door-in-door design of the front panel, which can be opened with the press of a button. This compartment is perfect for storing frequently used snacks, beverages, or condiments, allowing you to access them without opening the entire fridge. Additionally, the refrigerator’s panel can be opened by swiping your foot when your hands are full of groceries, providing you with quick access to the shelves. Similarly, the freezer drawers automatically adjust themselves to accommodate all the items you are carrying. Furthermore, the InstaView panel doubles as a window that you can use to switch on the fridge’s LED lights and view the contents of the shelves. This helps you browse your selection without releasing cold air, making it an energy-efficient appliance. 

New Fridges in Mississippi

Thinking about the incredible technological advancements, particularly in household appliances, is fantastic. The refrigerators of 2023 have entirely revolutionized innovation. Just when you thought you had heard of everything, you discover brand-new features! We’re living in the future and it’s an exciting time!  

At Everything’s Yours Discount Appliances, we eagerly anticipate the day we can offer products like these cutting-edge refrigerators to your homes, enhancing your daily lives with a blend of style and functionality. Shop locally for the best price on brand-name appliances. Ask us about same-day, next-day, or convenient delivery options on your purchase. Stop by and see us today at one of our two locations.  

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